The island

of Paros

photo credits Sandy and Odysseas photography for MBW events

A spectacle of white houses that contrast with the blue of the Aegean. Towns with cobbled streets inviting you to lose yourself in a world of freshness, color and simplicity. Cycladic civilisation. Laid-back attitude. A place where people still gather around a table to eat and drink together; to celebrate life.

Can you think of a better destination?

THE tradition

Paros & its culinary tradition

Being at the very centre of the Cycladic island cluster, Paros has fused elements of all other islands in its very own cuisine. In addition, Paros features the largest fishing fleet in the Aegean and fishermen channel their fishing not only to the island but to shops and restaurants in Athens, too. Wine has also been a thing since antiquity and the island boasts about the Protective Origin wine it produces. With cheese and other milk products, fish and wine being at the very essence of Parian culinary culture, Paros’s gastronomy epitomizes the best of the Mediterranean diet.



Paros is home to some of the most beautiful villas in the world where exquisite celebrations take place on a wide array of occasions. Apart from the privately-owned villas with the unique – protected by law – cycladic architecture, one can find a number of venues to host one’s unique celebration. Whether you want to hold a mystical wedding at a remote monastery yard or a wild beach party and everything in between, Paros is THE place for your event.

photo credits Sandy and Odysseas photography for MBW events