the vision

Creating unrivalled

culinary experiences

in the Greek island of Paros

Growing up in a family of restaurateurs, Mario opened his own restaurant which has become renowned around the globe for its authentic tastes and unique location. Now Mario has teamed up with a group of high-caliber, like-minded professionals, with considerable international working experience, driven by the vision to offer the best food services on the island of Paros. All partners bring to the table their high-valued experience in a different industry and together they aim to deliver high quality catering services.



We source the best fresh produce locally and put our providers under rigorous scrutiny before we enlist them. Only the very best products find their way to our pantry. This is why our professional cooks treat their raw material with love and the utmost respect for what nature and the labour of the farmers, fishermen and stock farmers have produced.

Special mention must be made to fish and sea-food that is daily supplied by local fishermen and depends on their catch of the day. Different fish is provided at different seasons and prevailing weather conditions. Whatever the kind, though, Mario’s Exclusive Catering possesses the expertise, knowledge and culinary skills to deliver dishes of exceptional quality and taste that will awe your guests and create a unique experience. Try some of our fish and seafood recipes and just like Anthony Bourdain, you’re bound to say, “if God made anything better, he must have kept it for himself”.



We take pride in our meticulously designed, ergonomic professional kitchen. Kitted out with modern systems and equipped with only the best tools and chef’s toys, one can easily say that Mario’s Exclusive Catering and Private Services is home to the best professional kitchen on the island.



The values we carry in our heart:

Respect for the people we work with; for the raw material nature has to offer; for the customer who entrusts us to feed and create a culinary experience to remember.

Hard work: the value of working hard and diligently to deliver on our customers’ expectations and seeing the smile on their face when the first bite touches their taste buds.

Team-work that makes dream work. Owners, chefs, waiters and other employees together all form a big family.

Responsibility: Diligence and reliability are key when the task at hand is to feed and create an unmatched gastronomic experience.



Since sustainability is key in our corporate philosophy, we implement the zero-waste principle at our processes.

We only buy locally, thus supporting local farmers but also reducing food miles, therefore, contributing towards fewer carbon emissions

We grow our own products, namely fruit and vegetables.

We only grow organically. No pesticides or dangerous chemicals are used to grow our products.

We implement minimum food waste by planning carefully and shopping wisely.