We only offer

bespoke menus that are devised

only after we’ve conversed with you

to find out how we can exceed

your expectations



Your dream wedding reception is our business. We are here to seal your love story with a unique reception that will forever be etched in your mind and your guests’ memory. Nothing is over and above what we can do. Whether a formal seated reception with different food stations scattered around and a majestic buffet or a beach party where your guests will barefoot enjoy the cocktails we’ll devise and name after you, we’ll take the challenge and deliver. Remain relaxed and stress-free and enjoy your special day while we create an unmatched culinary experience.



Christenings, birthday parties, anniversaries and all other social events require appropriate food and drink to compliment the celebration. Whatever the occasion, we’ll set up a menu following an extensive discussion with you to note down your preferences and your guest’s dietary needs and share it with you for a fine tuning. All you then have to do is sit back and watch us realise the event you’ve visualised!



From a shop opening to a VIP luncheon at your premises, we’ll help you feed groups of any size in any workplace. We’ll take care of the food, set up the buffet or tables, serve your guests and clean up afterwards not forgetting to pack up the leftovers so that you are given space to concentrate on the business at hand.