How it works





Choose the meals you want to have prepared
by our team

Breakfast only

Lunch or Dinner only

Breakfast + Lunch or Dinner

Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner


Choose the duration of the service
(from 1 meal to a few weeks)



Determine the menu with or without a consultation with our chef. Intricate and sophisticated menus of both Mediterranean and international cuisine can be provided by our experienced team.



Sit back and enjoy!

whole experience




We’ll source the best ingredients for the devised menu from our trusted and proven suppliers or directly from our own farm.



If you want to add to your total experience, you can come along and help pick the fruit, vegetables or other produce directly from the producers or the local market.



Then, we’ll either start the preparation at our professional kitchen, which we boast of having the best on the island, or pack our tools and equipment and start from scratch at yours. Τhis way we will spend the minimum time on the preparation to allow you to spend more time with your friends and family enjoying your meal.

Again, to add to the whole experience, you are welcome to join the preparations either by lending a helping hand or just by watching our phenomenal staff perform.

a memorable experience


OUR brigade

Whichever the case, our kitchen brigade has a fierce dedication to quality, presentation and service that leaves no room for compromise. No small detail will be ever overlooked in our effort to create a memorable experience.