We only offer

bespoke menus to suit individual preferences

One-size-fits-all is far from our food philosophy. We’ll customise a menu based on your personal taste, along with the style and setting of your event or occasion. We’ll help you design the perfect menu, also taking into account dietary restrictions, special needs or allergies of any kind without compromising on quality or taste. Ask for vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free items to be included in the menu, along with specialty dishes for those with allergies or other restrictions. There’s one thing that runs across every one of our menus though: using only the freshest, best quality ingredients.



If you’re looking for that perfect selection of breakfast options, Mario Exclusive Catering will make it happen. Are you a Continental or an American breakfast fan? Or maybe you want to try out a traditional Greek breakfast prepared wholly with local products and see for yourself the secret to longevity. And who says that breakfast is only taken in the morning? ‘Breakfast all day’ is our motto!



Friends and family sharing a luscious meal: sampling, tasting, enjoying. We only devise bespoke menus accommodating your preferences and changing our recipes with the season. Thus, our kitchen is continually evolving. Our menus feature salads, cold dishes and raw, wooden oven, charcoal, casserole or fritters recipes, as well as desserts.

photo credits Sandy and Odysseas photography for MBW events


Whether a romantic candlelit dinner for two or a bubbly open-bar party around the pool – and anything in between, Mario Exclusive Catering will be present. We offer both sit-down and canapé catering to take your next dinner party to new heights. From the food to the tableware, we provide everything necessary to serve a delicious restaurant-quality feast and turn your dinner party plans into a tasty reality.